Mental musings

Have you ever had a conversation with yourself at 3 in the morning?  The imaginary voice that haunts my brain just won’t shut up and let me sleep.

30 Funniest Meme About Insomnia - Meme Central

Did you know that I have looked up things like the number of people living in Romania, what happened to (insert name here), old boyfriends on facebook, and why black cats are so aloof?

Not that all black cats are aloof, or anyone on other planets in the universe gives a fandango about the number of people living in Romania (19,161,603 as of Tuesday, February 2, 2021), but it’s something fun to do when you can’t sleep.

You might like to look at and find the population of your country.  It’s not quite right, mostly due to the fact that  approximately 256 children are born every minute.

Want to know how many people were born the same day, month and year as you? So far, I can’t find anything specific.  The one site I did find lets you read it for a few seconds and then a notice pops up that you can’t get rid of:  “Accept cookies.”

If you don’t accept the cookies, you can’t read what’s under the notice.  I managed to copy this much before the notice appeared.  It’s been reworded to eliminate the birth day and month.

Individuals born on (my birthdate) are optimistic folks with idealistic principles and high expectations. Other additional fortes include their sense of wisdom, humor, self-awareness and grace. However, these people have their share of weaknesses as well. (They) are prone to laziness when it comes to doing things or making decisions. What’s more, they can also get impatient and temperamental.

Well, part of it is correct — I do have wisdom, humor and self-awareness — but grace?  If I didn’t know how to fall, I wouldn’t be walking.

I have a lot more to say, but right now I’m too lazy to say it.