99 word prompt : Hills and mountains of life

Sue Vincent Rodeo Classic in honor of an amazing blogger. I’ve participated in her #writephoto many times, and have enjoyed the journals about her travels to ancient sites.

For readers who haven’t visited her blog, here is a link SUE VINCENT

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The memory of standing at the foothills with her grandfather did not make this moment any easier.  A stoic man under most circumstances, tears fell as he had viewed the eon’s old, snowy peaks.

Her body wrinkled from the ravages of time, she stood with her grandson at the same place, repeating the last words of her beloved mentor.

“Remember this lesson, my child.  Each moment of life we have lived is all that we are promised.  Death is a destination, not an end.”

That night under the cloudy skies and a full moon, her grandfather guided her home.