Whoever made this mess…

Have you — in your lifetime — ever thought, “I don’t care who made this mess…clean it up!”    ? ? ? ?

We have a mess here on Earth. 

Some people want to clean it up without the proper tools; such as common sense and the ability to do math.

Others believe the tools will fall from the air in a deus ex machina sort of way.

Most of us want to put orange suits and chains on the politicians that made the mess, hand them a virtual shovel, and say, “You created this travesty, you clean it up!”

Unfortunately, there would be a filibuster over the size, shape, color, and political affiliation of the shovel.  Each country’s politicians would be scrambling to make a wider shovel, a robotic shovel, or one that runs on nuclear power.  At the end of that road, we’d still have the mess, and we’d be in debt for billions more dollars.

To hone in this point:  Once, we had a “health care system.”  Now, we have “sickness maintenance.”  Doctors have become legal pill pushers for drugs that often make things worse.  

Why do I say that?

I work with a population that takes, on average, 10 pills per person per day; pills for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, seizures, psychiatric diagnoses, and diabetes. 

After 30 years of legal drugs, do you know what we’re seeing?  Medication induced parkinson’s, and medication induced tremors:  People who once were able to walk and hold a cup can now do neither.

Government (aka politicians and political appointees) approved these drugs.  

Most of my friends are either very stiff or use walkers and wheelchairs. 

I do this:

The last time I went in for “wellness care” yearly exam, the doctor wanted me to take a pill for “high cholesterol”. My cholesterol was 110.  I was told it was mostly the bad cholesterol. Really?  I’m supposed to take a dangerous statin drug for a cholesterol level most people would envy?

People who take statin drugs have to avoid grapefruit and 13 different drugs, statin’s can cause liver damage, statin’s increase the risk of diabetes, and people who take thyroid meds are the most at risk for side effects.  Did I mention that I take thyroid meds?

I can’t remember exactly what I told my doctor that day, but I believe it went something like this:  “HELL NO!”

 I may die of a stroke or a heart attack doing a head stand, but dying that way is a lot quicker than spending years in a wheelchair depending on someone else to hold my cup.