The Detested Mask

There are several good things about working in a grocery store: 

1. It will be the last thing to be shut down in a pandemic situation.
2. You can always get hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies and toilet paper.
3. It is the best place in the world to hear what people think of what’s going on. 

As of yesterday, the majority of people cruising through the store did not wear masks and felt that forced wearing of same was at best unnecessary and at worst an infringement on personal rights. About 20% of the customers were wearing a mask. One or two were dressed as if an atomic bomb had fallen in the next county.

Today is a new world. Yes, the detested mask is now mandatory apparel as per a new county mandate. If you shop without a mask you can hope no officer of the law is also shopping or you face a $250 fine. 

Now I’m a very practical person so when I heard the news two things crossed my mind: 

1. How will I tell the ‘Mask Lovers’ from the normal people?
2. Who will be the first to come out with a mask with an ‘eating flap’ for people who dine in, and will the Big Mac fit? 

All joking aside, after having to wear masks during work hours for the last month I feel that, if nothing else pushes people over the edge to stand up for their rights, it will be that killer headache they all have by the end of the day. And the WORST of it are the little self-important, Nazi-like customers wearing blue gloves, goggles, long sleeves, hats, and masks who feel it’s their God given duty to walk through the store telling normal customers that they are going the wrong way down the aisles and that everyone must wear a mask. They, along with most politicians in the world, are the worst kind of fungus on the earth and should be dunked in very strong fungus remover until they are completely cleansed of whatever it is that’s eating their brains. 

Now, I realize there are certain people out there who have lost friends and/or relatives to the current popular pandemic disease and they may feel differently about wearing a mask than I do. That is certainly their right, but it does not give them the right to force me to wear a mask based on the false assumption that a mask on my face will protect them. It will not. If they fear death so much they should stay home because there is not a single mask designed at this point in time that will protect a person from disease unless it is a sealed unit connected to bottled, purified, breathable air, in other words, a space suit. And even then, that air is being fed back into the atmosphere after they breathe it so they will contaminate their surroundings.

People…death is a natural part of the life cycle. Get used to it. Thousands of people die in cars every day but cars are not banned. Improperly prescribed prescriptions kill more people every year than guns do but doctors are not banned, and neither are prescription drugs…even the ones that kill people.

OK. Sorry. That was my rant for the day and it comes to you straight from the Overload Zone out on the fringes of some B grade science fiction movie where I seem to be trapped.