Errrrr Dog:  Mom just gave me a bath.  I’m so exhausted!  Do you think other dogs are treated as badly?

Other Brother Coon Cat:  I wouldn’t know.  

Errrrr Dog:  Why doesn’t she give you a bath?

OBCC:  She’s been on the wrong end of my claws before.  She knows better.

Errrrr Dog:  That’s it!  Next time, I’ll bite her!

OBCC:  I wouldn’t suggest it.  I can claw her all I want and hide in the woods.  If a dog bites a human, he’s taken to the pound never to be heard from again.

Dingo Mutt:  I  got a bath too.  I don’t want another bath!  Is the pound worse than this?

OBCC:  You’re a bunch of whining losers! Don’t you know there are dogs who would give anything to sleep with mom on her bed?

Dingo Mutt:  Show me one dog and I’ll quit complaining about it!

OBCC:  How about 2?

Errrr Dog:  What about you?  Aren’t you afraid of going to the pound?

OBCC:  You jest.  Mom can’t live without me.