Senseless Sunday : the definition of Sarcasm.

I stole this from, the search engine that doesn’t gather information from you, because if you want to know everything about me, I’d rather you read it on my blog.


  • n.
    A cutting, often ironic remark intended to express contempt or ridicule.
  • n.
    A form of wit characterized by the use of such remarks.
  • n.
    A biting taunt or gibe, or the use of such a taunt; a bitter, cutting expression; a satirical remark or expression, uttered with scorn or contempt; in rhetoric, a form of irony; bitter irony.
Me, at a party.
A ditz (man or woman) asks, “What time is it?”
I look over my shoulder and say, “According that huge clock, it’s time for you to go home.”
“You’re too drunk to see.  I’m sure that Hortense, yes — that lady wearing the giant muumuu — would be more than happy to take you home.”
(Hint:  There is no lady at the party wearing a muumuu).
“Where?” the ditz asks.
“Are you sure your brain isn’t dead?”
“Why are you disrespecting me?”
“My apologies, your hind @$$, I didn’t know you were royalty.”
THAT is sarcasm.
THIS is not sarcasm:
It is beautiful,  sends a pleasing message…and…
And yet it was posted on a sarcasm group!


When I go to the sarcasm group, I expect to see this:

Image may contain: text

Or this:

And especially something like THIS:

Image may contain: text

That’s it — I’m off (but you knew that) to scrabble.  I’m hoping to have the letters to spell SPINE.  I feel like mixing things up a bit.


©Joelle (sarcasm rocks unless it’s about me) LeGendre