An insomniacs poem

The turmoil of a mind refuses to stop talking at me.  

Drift away…drift away…feel your toes relaxing, your legs, your hips, your arms…

Darkness….peace…almost there.

My mind bounces off a celestial trampoline that sends me flying into the arms of insomnia.

My legs ache, arms feel heavy, and I am desperate for release.

The question comes at me inside a low, soft voice,

“What is the greatest achievement of your life?”

And my mind is once again roiling.

“There are so many,” I reply.  


Children? Love?  Holding the solidity of a book I wrote as I sobbed out my joy?

Graduating from college? Finding my dream job? Landing an office with a window?

“Your finest moments do not compare to your greatest achievement,” The voice replies.

“A place where there is no war, fear, hunger, pain, or sorrow,” I whisper.  “Home.”

Some call it Nirvana, others call it heaven.  What we call home matters not.

I know where I go after my Earthly clothing is no longer fit to wear.

“Please, I beg you, allow me to sleep!”

Softness replies, “It is not your time.”



©Joelle LeGendre