Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Why did I become a cat people?!

I sit here…wondering…

“Why did I spend days washing urine-soaked bedding, and what is it about cats that enslaves my heart to the point where I’ve been petting the little B@$tard for 10 minutes without knowing it?

The “road less traveled,” cat version

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It isn’t curiosity that kills the cat, it’s vengeance — and they’ll give up all of their 9 nine lives to enact it.

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Never fiddle with a cat.   You’ll have no chance against him when he rests his case.  

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They can’t forgive, nor will they admit fault.

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Why do we love them so much and cave in to their demands?

Tiny Kittens

They’re mystifying and entertaining.

Tiny Terror: Hey! Coon Cat! I think there’s a car coming!
OBCC: I don’t see anything.

They know how to bite our hand until it’s red, and snuggle into it so that, for the moment, we forget it was turned to handburger.

Yes, Other Brother Coon Cat (OBCC) did pee on my bed….twice…to express how he felt about the litter box being moved to the laundry room.  Yes, the litter box is in my bedroom again.  

And, yes, I know I lost that battle.

But how can you I say no to this face?

Incredulous cat face

Perhaps that wasn’t the best example.

Why did I become a “cat people?”

I rest my (basket) case.