Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Guilt

Sheriff’s office 1856

“Hello, Ma’am,”  Sheriff says.  

“There are people riding by my house at night on horseback,” Ma’am says.  “I think they’re up to no good.”

“I’ll be waitin’ for them tonight,” He says, tipping his hat to a lady.  

That night, a bunch of people on horseback ride by Ma’am’s home, stopped by the sheriff and several deputies.  

“What’ca doing ridin’ around in the middle of the night?”

“We’re having fun!”

“You’re disturbing the peace.”


“Come by here again, and we’ll disturb your peace!”

“You threatening us?”  One of them laughs.

“Nope.  I know your parents.  They’ll do the disturbing on your backside.  Don’t matter if you’re 3 or 30.”

Ma’am is never disturbed again.


Sheriff’s office 2019

There have been a bunch of robberies in the area, and the thieves are using ATV’s.  Sir has mounted cameras around his property, and a siren that alerts Sir if anyone is coming down the county road — a lonely dirt road with one house on it — in a car, or by foot.  

During the night, two people try to come by in two ATV’s.  The moment they hear the siren they can’t turn around fast enough.  An hour later, one tries to come by again, so Sir does what any law abiding citizen would do.  The next day he goes to the sheriff’s office.

Sir walks through the door of the main sheriff’s office.  There’s no one at the reception area.  He waits until someone sees him on camera. 

The deputy asks, “Why are you here?” 

Sir replies (trying to hand the deputy a CD), “I have these images of people coming by my home at 3:00 in the morning on ATV’s.”  

“I can’t look at them, “Deputy says.  “Take them to your local Sheriff satellite office.”

Sir goes to the high school, where the satellite office is located and says, “Men are coming by in ATV’s in the middle of the night.  They’re disturbing the peace.”  

Sir tries to hand the CD’s with images on them to the deputy who says, “I can’t look at them. Contact Drug enforcement” and gives him a number.

Sir gets home, calls the number, and it’s the contact number for the main sheriff’s department.  All this seems rather strange, since the people of the county voted for an ordinance that would prevent ATV’s from driving on county roads.

This is what the sheriff’s office refused to look at:


So there you have it.  The moral of the story is this:  Get surveillance cameras, a siren, and a huge following on social media.

If the inconsiderate ATV @$$holes continue bothering you,  shoot into the air with your shotgun to let your neighbor know that you might be in trouble. That, you won’t go to jail for.  Never say it was a “warning shot” because you’re the one who will go to jail, not the thieves who are depriving you of — at the very least — your sleep.  

Did I mention that common sense no longer exists?  If it did, a whole lot of ATV’s would be collecting money in impound instead of riding around looking for trouble.


Joelle (Insomnia is my life) LeGendre