Housekeeping, blog style

No, my home doesn’t look like this:

Nor does it look like this

Lake Station residents, officials frustrated with trailer ...

It’s somewhere in between the two extremes

As I’ve mentioned many times, we live in a dog house and the dogs allow us to live here…

as long as we feed them.

But that’s not the kind of housekeeping I want to discuss today or, possibly, EVER!

Today’s housekeeping topic?

Using another person’s blog as advertising

I have a monthly writing challenge (#TMAT120).  During that one day a month I welcome links to other people’s blogs.

All other days, I ask that people

  • refrain from adding a link unless I’ve specifically asked for one, or 
  • the person wanting to add the link has asked to do so — and I’ve said yes.

When you add a link that hasn’t been requested, it’s like painting an advertisement on someone’s home.

Exterior House Colors | Exterior House Paint Ideas Photos ...

I’ve noticed that other bloggers have added a “no links” statement to their reply section (an indication that I’m not the only one struggling with this issue).  Once I see that someone has added a link without asking, I remove it.

Am I guilty of unwanted linking?  Probably.  We all make mistakes in our exuberance.  If so, please accept my apologies for the affront.