Intelligence tests defined

Intelligence:  I have two memes to say about it

Some forms of intelligence are impossible to calculate.

My dad had a 5th grade education.  He could count cards and would often arrive home with money from the bars where he played rummy.  He’s the one you wanted by your side in a bar fight.  And yet, when I needed emotional support, he was the one who listened.   

Dad’s test anxiety was so extreme that when testing was required to keep his job at the post office, he couldn’t pass it.   There was no “grandfathered in” and 3 people had to be hired to replace him.

My son, my daughter, and I have about the same IQ range. 

  • Robert passed his calculus classes as an exchange student in Spain.  In one year,  he learned to speak Spanish as well as a native.  He speaks several languages, and plays several musical instruments.  He writes academic papers that are peer reviewed, and published.
  • Lydia could’ve been a stand-up comedian.  The quips she can come up with in seconds are amazing.  She could sell fire to Satan and convince God to buy a cell phone.
  • What I know about computers, I learned out of desperation. It took months to learn how to turn on a cell phone, make a call and turn it off.   I couldn’t use a comma or an apostrophe correctly if my life depended upon it.  I can ask, “Where’s the bathroom?” in 5 languages.

However, I was rather notorious in school when it came to this:

  • If dinosaurs were old and stupid, how did they survive for so long?  (years later, it was discovered the were fast and smart)
  • How can we believe a scientific theory without question if it can’t even tell us how subatomic particles function?  (we still have a lot to learn)
  • Why do we kill so many trees each year when hemp is cheaper and grows fast?   (Greed)
  • Why is your hair purple?  (I asked a doctor that once.  He didn’t read the instructions that said to use the shampoo for grey hair once a week and not daily)

The way my convoluted brain processes words, it’s a good thing I didn’t go into the military.

Was I just ordered to aim at the general?  

What is my point?

How to integrate emotional intelligence into the classroom ...

Intelligence tests mean nothing if a person gets over 130 on an IQ test and can’t function at a job, in a social situation, or in a relationship.

Until we consider the balance between heart and mind, intelligence tests are just another way to make other people feel inferior.