Now and Then

Meme Illustrates Difference Between Kids Then And Kids Today

Now:  Time for a nap.

Then: Party, party, party!

Now:  Wake up surrounded by dogs and thinking, “They’re so much better than people.”

Then: “Who are you, why am I in your bed…wasn’t I at a party?”

Now:  “Wasn’t I 20 years old just a few short decades ago?”

Then:  “Why does it take so long for a year to go by?”

Now:   “OMG!  I have to go back home for my cell phone!”

Then:  “What a great road in the middle of nowhere! I’m sure there will be a town with a phone booth, if I need one.”

Outdoor Phone Booths 

I think I’ve beaten this topic to death.

No…NOW I’ve beaten it to death:

I’m going to bed now…really I am…

Sorry, human, this bed is taken! Sleep on the floor.