Writer’s block? More like Writer’s stop.

No sarcasm — yet —  just a universe of frustration.

Weeks of furiously writing the last book in the HELL series.

Weeks of watching the pitter-patter of long, slender fingers overworking the keyboard.

And then….


Just after the very last paragraph of a chapter – the moment that all the characters are coming together to play their parts in a celestial battle…


Perhaps it’s an irrational fear that the moment I finish the series, I’ll die?  No, I’m not that self-absorbed.

I’ve already schlepped through 4 centuries of, “Why the hell are we doing this?”

Why can’t I finish one more year? Or maybe it will be 100, depending upon which dimension you’re living in at the time.

It can’t be more than 3 chapters away.   YEESH!!!  It’s like ALMOST jumping over the grand canyon.

grasshopper on my door

Did I mention that I received an email from my editor this morning?  I might not be able to write chapters, but I can sure as hell look through edits.


A mere 5 minutes later, the internet went down.  That was 7:00am this morning.  As I lay this post to rest at 10:00am, the internet is STILL down.

Fortunately, I’m playing scrabble with my SIL in less than 2 hours.  You don’t have to worry about the internet going down when you’re playing a board game.


It’s 4:30 and I’ve returned from scrabble therapy. 

Internet is on, and a cat is blocking the monitor.  Life is good (for at least another minute).