Senseless Sunday Sarcasm: Today’s complaint


Fat White Dog (FWD):  Is mom looking at us?

Rottie Mutt:  Yep.

FWD: She’s going to give us a bath!  

RM:  She gives baths in the day.  It’s night.

FWD:  The soap monster tries to eat our hair.  The water snake spits in our eye.  What did we do to deserve that kind of torture?

RM:  You sleep on her pillow.

FWD:  You slobbered all over her head when you licked her awake at something called 3 a.m.

RM:  She held me down and watered me with flea spray for it, too.

FWD:  Baths?  Flea Spray? Mom hates us!  I’m going to find a better home.

RM:  More food for me!  More space on the bed!  When are you leaving?

FWD:  Right after I chew mom’s pillow to pieces and find a way to blame it on you.