Florida bag eyes


To bed at 10pm.  Up at 3am.  So what else is new?

Did you know that being up at half-past-ridiculous is a sign of intelligence?

I beg to differ.  When I have to work at 9 in the morning after being up from 3 to 5 the last thing I can claim is intelligence.

BOSS:  That plan has to be completed today.

ME:       Plan?  Where am I?  Who are you again?  

BOSS:  Cut the sarcasm, go to your office and work.

ME:       Work?  I have an office?  Where’s the chocolate?

BOSS:    Smart ass!

Now I understand!  Someone half asleep who works for a polling company heard someone else say the word “smart” to another person who had bags under their eyes the size of a Florida roach and thought, “That means people who are up at 3am are smarter.”

SOMEONE:  (donning his white lab coat and a clipboard)  You!  Yes…the one who just walked into the wall.  Would you consider yourself smart?

ME:                  My boss seems to think so.  

SOMEONE:  How long do you sleep at night?

ME:                  From 10pm to 3am.  You look weird. Is there intelligence Mars?

SOMEONE:    Aha!  People who are up at 3am are more intelligent than people who sleep through the night.  

We used to call that gossip.  Now it’s called a scientific study.

I’d better go back to bed before I try to explain why the dyslexic who thought he was doG actually saw God.