Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Let’s Edit!


My partner in blogging is supplementing her job by editing my books in her spare time. 

She’s a far better writer than I’ll ever be.

  • She brings you into her stories, while I write down my dreams.
  • She’s complimented for her ability to edit her own stuff, while I need an entire editing department.
  • She’s full of energy and loves life, while my favorite exercise is sleeping.

I suppose there’s some truth to the old saying, “Opposites attract.”

She started editing one of my drafts and wrote an email about the many ways I needed to change the first few chapters.

 I looked it over and said, “These are great ideas!”

Then, I received a call from her.

Vickie wanted to apologize for the harsh sounding email and was surprised when I said, “It didn’t seem harsh to me. Those were great ideas.”

We were both SO relieved.  I finally have an editor that tells me what I need to change, and where to start!  Her first customer (that would be me) is easy to work with. 

I have the ideas, and third-grade level sequencing (I have the test for dyslexia that shows it, too).  She knows how to put a story together.

A friendship made in heaven!

Ever one kneads a good fiend.