Confessions of an unforgiving sarcastic (insert word here)

Remember when I wrote about my Windows 10 problem?

One of the replies was 3 long paragraphs which I’ll paraphrase:

  1. If you don’t like Window’s 10, you’re slime.
  2. Did I mention I’m better than you and
  3. You’re slime?

I learned how to use a computer one desperation at a time.  I know when I use a computer I’m on shaky ground, but I don’t believe anyone who reads what I write would want to wade through 3 paragraphs of…uh….

Instead of hitting “Delete,” I hit the SPAM button.  Not out of choice, I’ve been crosseyed for the past two days.

What was I saying….?  Oh, yeah…it’s been a bad day

I’m presently eating my second bowl of chocolate chip ice cream.  Since I weigh 100 pounds, I can afford a bit of extra fat. 

There are bad days, and then there’s today’s day.  

Work sucked, and then I went to Publix to get the 2 for the price of 1 ice cream.  That’s when I locked my keys in the car.

I could’ve called AAA to unlock my car, but the driver’s door isn’t quite right. And there’s that 3 hour wait for someone from AAA to actually arrive, making me drive home at night.  Have you ever driven home after having your eyes dilated?  That’s how my eyes are every day. 

Driving at night is like trying to avoid one hundred lighted balls simultaneously coming toward you.  I’d be deliberately looking for a place to have an accident.

So…I called my better half, who dropped everything to come and help me.  After 25 years of marriage, no one drops anything to come help their spouse (who drives a 2004 Cadillac) in his 1993 Cavalier junker.  He was so sweet about it, too.  By the time I arrived home, the ice cream was only half melted, but after an hour in the freezer it was ready to eat. 

There’s something not quite right about both of us. 

When people ask me, “How did you end up with him?”  I reply, “No one else can stand to be with us.”  If I’m not mistaken, people stopped asking that question about 20 years ago.