Conversations : Self-deflection

More questions for God, the universe, or whatever (GUW).

Are you serious?!! What the hell is wrong with you ...

Me:  If safety is an illusion, and time is an illusion, what is reality?

GUW:  What do you see on your computer monitor, or on your TV?

Me: The image of someone or something.

GUW:  Someone on that screen felt something.

Me: Sure, when it was filmed.

GUW:  What if time isn’t real?

Me:  I don’t want to know that every second, every frame, of my life is being replayed forever.

GUW:  What if you could find the unwanted frames in your life and remove them?

Me:  You’re not answering my question.

GUW:  Every second of your life is as real as the moments your spirit-powered body felt them.

Me *groaning*: I now understand why people once worshiped idols.

GUW:  An illusion you believe you’re touching and feeling is still an illusion.

Me: I’m not ready for this level of consciousness.  Can you dumb it down for me?

GUW: Everything is an illusion.  What you feel is real, but that which feels is not all that is your body.

Me:  I’m going back to bed.  My dreams make more sense than this.

GUW *chuckling*:  Not tonight.

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