Poetry War – All Hallow’s Eve Party

halloween party

All Hallows Eve Party

All Hallows Eve, that time of year
when frightening things draw very near;
no longer lurk but now are here.

They lie in wait and then creep in
with sticky hands and toothless grin,
skeletal limbs and flaking skin.

Who can resist the siren call
of invite to a goulish ball
where sweets insult the stomach wall?

Punch is made of Dragon’s Blood,
snacks consist of Zombie crud,
and centerpiece: a black rose bud.

Ghostly dancers spin around,
bats provide the high-pitched sound,
and witchly potions will confound

initiates and debutants
who dare attend these darkling haunts.
Will they survive the devilish taunts?

And what about you my friend?
Do you dare try to attend?
Will you disguise yourself as Fiend?

by Vickie Kayuk