Daily Archive: October 3, 2014

Poetry Wars–Downsizing and Aliens


Snarky?   Me?   Yes, Kayuk, as a matter of fact, I DO have something to say about Cardboard Boxes, Downsizing and aliens. Cardboard boxes are like your nose.  It’s what’s inside that… Continue reading

Poetry war–Just a rat


Soooo….you want to horse around with Limericks? You rat!  Top this with icing and a candle! I’ll bet you can’t write a poem like this one!   I’ll get the (worst) poet of… Continue reading

Poetry War – Stuck in Cardboard Box Land


Well, since you’re so snarky about Mothers, I guess you’ll have something to say about Cardboard Boxes too. Have you ever had to DownSize? What possesses us to do these things? Aliens?  … Continue reading