Senseless Weekend Sarcasm : Thought bullets

No butts about it, we live in a dog follow dog world.

The thought bullets that impact my brain at 3 in the morning:

ME:  God, the universe, whatever you are, why does evil always seem to win out in the end?

God/Universe/Whatever (GUW: ):  I told you not to eat from the tree that contains the fruit of knowledge. Every time you get to this point, it takes 20 minutes for your leaders to destroy anyone who isn’t sequestered in a South African cave.

ME:  We’re supposed to seek enlightenment while having 10 children, one of which lives, and then die at 30?

GUW: You’re listening to propaganda.  Once, people lived much longer lives. You let pharmaceutical companies convince you that poisoning your dogs each month to get rid of worms was better than mixing dried chamomile flowers with table scraps.

ME:  It takes 3 days in a row, each month to deworm a dog that way.  Most people barely have time for bathroom breaks.

GUW: :  Most people exist, they don’t remember how to live.  I awakened to one thought, “I am.”  Can’t you see that I created you to help me understand what that means?

ME:  Okay, I’ll take the bait.  What, if anything, have we taught you?

GUW:  It is better to live for 30 years than to be warehoused in a nursing home just to die blind, deaf, alone and in pain at the age of 90.   You gave away your power to priests and politicians so that you could live your short-sighted lives in material comfort.  You forgot your forbearer’s insight into politics; the scum always rises to the top.

ME:   Your point?

GUW:  You allowed those in power to outlaw cannabis, the greatest of all my healing herbs, and replace it with pills that create more diseases from the side effects.  Your life force is being devoured by a devil of your own making.

ME:  What, exactly, is our life force?

GUW:  You do know that evil is the opposite of live.

ME: Everyone knows that. So what?  Why did you throw humanity on this rock called Earth, a place that continually wants to kill us?

GUW:  All this time and not one of you have asked, “If E = MC², what does M =?”

ME:  Are you saying that mass — ergo Earth, humans and mosquitoes — is nothing but energy and light?

GUW:  How can I explain spinning spheres to you people when you can’t even understand what happens at the subatomic level?  You’re like children setting a forest on fire to see what happens, without considering the consequences.

ME:  You created us.

GUW:  And each time you became as you are today, you designed plagues and weapons of mass destruction.

ME:  Why isn’t there proof of that?

GUW:  When all your information is in digital form, and your buildings aren’t constructed to last more than 100 years, nothing will remain but dust.

ME: :  Are you going to create robots to replace us?

GUW:  I tried that the first time you convoluted the word “eden” into “need”.

ME:  (giggling):  You got tired of talking to a toaster…eh?  I know – my Canadian accent is terrible.

GUW:   Humans are a reflection of the fact that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

ME:   That is soooo not comforting.

GUW:  Truth rarely is.


I’m still awake at 5 in the morning wondering why a mass of energy called ME exists.  Then, I look on my bed and see this in the haze of light from a 40 watt bulb:


They have eaten my couch, peed on everything in the house, used my shoes as chew toys and…and yet… what are they if not love wrapped in fur?


BTW:   Everything in this blog is © even if there is nothing new under the sun.