Senseless Tuesday Sarcasm : Tasteless

Tuesday… the white bread of days.  

There’s an actress with that stage name.  A 5-minute internet search shows she’s still alive.  Her oldest child is in her 50’s and her real name is Susan. 

She might look a lot like this were it not for the face lifts.

I have, in my lifetime, been acquainted with over 20 people named Susan, none of them were men.   

There are days I wish for the Wonder Bread life, but I’m already tasteless. 

Tuesday might be the 2nd worst day of the week; if I had a day job requiring me to sit in a chair from 8 to 12 and 12:30 to 4:30 for 5 days straight.

Still, I have to agree with the cat:

Calendars have been giving us secret messages for a very long time:  

I wonder what the initials for Monday and Tuesday mean?  That life is M. T.?

If there is a name for this kind of overthink, what would it be called? Perseverative Overthink Syndrome?

“Oh, you’re OCD?  Well, I’m POS.” 

That doesn’t sound quite right.

Time to go back to bed and dream about getting lost in a cafeteria again.