A question or few for writers

I have a question or few for writers.

  1. Do you carry on conversations inside your head?
  2. If so, do you know what that part of your head is going to say?
  3. Do some of those conversations become part of your books?
  4. Have you ever dreamed an entire movie and turned it into a book?
  5. Do people call you odd (if you’re poor) or eccentric (if you’re rich)?
  6. Are you prone to have pet peeves the size of Godzilla? 

Writers seem to be a different breed of human.

The keyboard or pen is our therapist. 

Other writers understand our humor.

Sometimes we cry when we have to kill off a character


under certain circumstances that can be unproductive.

If you’re up to the challenge and brave a reply, I’m all ears.

That’s ’cause my brain went on vacation.