Sunday Sarcasm Rant : Over it.

Corona virus?  I’m over it.

During the pandemic, my life didn’t change all that much.  The only difference was the mask mandate.

In fact, I love it that people can’t hug me or shake my hand.  But there are huggers out there who are hurting over the fact that they are no longer allowed to hug people who hate it.   

Take it from someone who has had to say, “If you touch me again, it’s assault.”

If you’re a hugger, remember how you felt; and have some respect for those of us who have asked, politely not to be hugged but you ignored us anyway.

There is one thing that’s never made sense to me.  If a Class 4 bio lab has to wear this for protection from a virus that escaped anyway.

Wuhan lab staff should clear up coronavirus rumours and ...

How is a cloth or surgical mask going to protect us?

Added to that fact, wearing a mask can cause problems, too.  If I wear one for more than 15 minutes, it gives me a migraine.  Other people note that they feel dizzy from wearing them, and if you have lung disease it just makes the symptoms worse.

How about we start wearing our big girl panties and get over it.

You know how it is:  Diseases are hair for only a short time.    

It seems so strange; there’s only one person who doesn’t seem to be afraid of everything.

She’s a role model for every woman who has looked at the COVID-19 statistics and said, “Masks be damned!”

Pin on Huntsman refs- red

Damned masks

At one time, people had friends over when they were sick so we all would get chicken pox, measles, and mumps.  Now we have vaccines so that we can make the pharmaceutical companies rich. 

There were less side effects than vaccines when you did this at a young age.  And there wasn’t other stuff imbedded in it:


If there hasn’t been a vaccine made for HIV, a virus — or the common cold, a virus — why does anyone think that one can be made for COVID-19?  

I don’t want to be the first to take a vaccine that has a 50% chance of possibly keeping away the virus — and who knows what chance it has of killing you.

I personally know of no one who has died from the COVID-19, but have a lot of friends, family and acquaintances who have died from cancer, heart disease, and stroke.  Those 3 combined account for over 50% of all deaths in the USA.

We need to take back our lives, open our businesses, and tell our government officials that they need to be the first ones to line up for the vaccines.    

 If they refuse, you might want to ask what they know that you don’t.