Wish list

Do you keep a wish list?

I don’t.  The dog might eat it or the cat will knock it off my desk just because it’s there.

As an example:

Nothing but dementia will wrest from my mind the top two items on my wish list.

What’s at the top of my wish list?  

No, it’s not humongous amounts of money or fame.  Too much of either tends to bite you in the back.   

KEANEWS: Keanu Reeves filming "Generation Um" in the East ...

If you’re rich or famous and scratch your nose at just the right angle, some paparazzi will take a picture of it. The image will then inhabit the front of every sleazy magazine on Earth.  

<–   You end up walking around like this all the time.

Sure, it might be nice to have a few million dollars.  That’s enough to live comfortably, but you’re still off their “need to follow” list.


“So then,” you might ask, “What is on the top of your wish list?”

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What’s number two?

A lifetime supply of dark chocolate.

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Hey! A writer can dream.