Writing styles

17 Groan-Worthy, Pun-Filled Jokes Only A Dad Could Get ...

It’s 4 in the morning.  What strange thoughts has insomnia brought forth today?

How can you find your “voice” by copying someone else’s style?

Some people fly through the create-o-sphere at starship speed, their words a hurricane of meaning.

I point to a starship trying to go through a hurricane and say,  “Aha!  A cellestial star wash.”

Wish I had the ability to write powerful, poetic prose that grips at your heart.

But no…my world is sarcasm, rants…the occasional glimpse of a not-quite-right poet. 

I skip all the fluff and go for the jugular.

It’s more fun to find a flower of laughter in the dung heap of humanity than use flowery words to describe the essence of dung.

Does that make me a cr@ppy writer?



©Joelle (I just can’t stop the puns) LeGendre