Just a reminder on New Year’s Eve

Just a reminder:

4th of July Funny Fireworks Special

Mine crew are already cringing in corners and it’s only 7:00 pm.

All around the world when the new year begins,  pets run away at the sound of fireworks.

This is not what anyone wants as a family member’s last resting place:

Pet Memes | Kappit

I’d rather try to console my furry family member over a 1st world problem

25 Funny Dog Memes: Part 4 - Dogtime

Than to find him on the side of the road after some drunk runs him over…or worse.


Don’t take your furry family to a fireworks show, or think they’ll feel safe when you’re setting off firecrackers.  In a panic, they’ll run.

Better a few broken vases and tattered furniture…

it is what cats do | Cats | Pinterest | Cat, Animal and ...

Than this…

Quick Kill Bill: The ASPCA Fights for More Shelter Killing ...

Furry family members are not aware of county lines and countless wait for loved ones who never know that the last face they saw was the one whose task was clear the kennels of those who had been there the longest.

I plan to do a lot of petting, reassuring, and providing a warm human for a frightened fur buddy to cuddle with.

Here’s hoping you plan to do the same..