Replyers block

I tried to find a picture of a muse.  Did you know there’s a group of musicians that hijacked the name?  I’m not amused…and yet…if they dressed like this they might be interesting:


Everyone has their muse, whether it’s photos, other people’s amusing (aka embarrassing) experiences, poetry challenges, musical melodies…

…or the mental movie that starts when you spot an Adonis-like dog walker gently caring for 7 of the happiest mutts you’ve ever seen.



But enough about my daydreams.

In the darkest moment of writer’s block, it’s other people’s posts that provide my muse.  

Here’s one of my replies:

Sorry — my brain just “works” like this:

There once was a Haiku named Pete,
who thought it exceedingly neat
to press out his writing
in places inciting
complaints that I cannot repeat.

Doesn’t it creep you out a bit when really strange limericks just seem to write themselves? :-)

That’s it.  I found 1…ONE…worth repeating.  Is there a condition called Replyer’s block I don’t know about?

While looking through comments, I discovered an astounding event!  On April 6, 2016, my partner in blogging and best friend, Vickie, replied to a comment on her “About” page! 

I think I’m going to faint now.