Poetry Wars – May The Most Moves Win

HA! I KNEW IT! Already you’re CHEATING! 

As per RULE #4: First you, then ME, then you, then ME…..

In between, if you must, you can post anything you like but you CAN’T post it in the Poetry War category or have Poetry Wars in the title.

My response to your snarky little comment, in essence saying, “Na na nana na! I’ve lived more places than you have!”  is below:

May The Most Moves Win

T’was a cold night in winter, I remember it well,
when I burst from the womb into sweltering hell;
yes Florida’s fame is its heat through the year,
but Palatka’s a place that I still hold dear.

Dad sold insurance and Mom answered phones
so St. Augustine was the place we called home.
Picnics and sea shells picked up at the beach,
Rippley’s and ‘gators, the sweet taste of peach.

Those are the memories I have of that time,
then back to Palatka and best friends of mine.
First day of school and my world expanded,
BOOKS! Dick and Jane! My brain was branded.

For a time in the middle of my second grade
my father got work as an electrician’s aide.
I travelled with family southeast to Oak Hill.
Could Man leave the earth? I watched dreams fulfilled.

Once more car was packed and northward we sped
back to Palatka with suitcase and bed.
A few short years passed then, in a great hurry,
we packed up again and shot off to Missouri!

Our sojourn in Immenence lasted two years 
then back to Palatka we traveled in tears.
The death of my Pepaw left Memaw alone
so we moved back South to our very first home.

And so, in Palatka, we finally set roots,
but wander dust must have been spilled on our boots
for we and our cousins swapped houses and then
a few years later we swapped back again.

Years flew by swiftly and I met a man
who promised me moonbeams and offered his hand
so Norfolk, Virginia I soon called my home,
But he followed the tides; I was often alone.

His stint in the Navy was over one day,
the next we were packed and fast on our way
To his pre-Navy residence down in The Keys
with sunny blue skys and a warm ocean breeze.

We lived in The Keys, sailed on the ocean,
and slathered ourselves with Coppertone lotion,
Grass rolled in papers, ahhh, those were the days!
Then transfer came through, we were on our way.

Again we moved North, now to Keystone Heights,
in time for parades, sink holes, Christmas lights
Almost exactly two years after that
I left for Canada and two fat cats.

I lived in Nepean for quite a short time
with parents and aunt of a friend of mine
I called Calabogie my home for a year
while building a home with blood, sweat and tears.

Winter rolled in, it was back to the Keys
for a three month stint of what ever I pleased
till divorce and new marriage turned my life around
and a home in Kanata, Ontario we found.

Twelve years passed and we tired of the city
bought a house in Dunrobin that was very pretty.
There we lived happily for twenty more years
with horses, dogs, cats and dreams to build.

DIsaster struck, for a time all was black,
Four long years later I found my way back
to discover that meantime I’d moved to Ocala
with dog, cats and horses and found a new fella

And now I have plans to move once again
I scrutinize web sites and take it all in.
Don’t know where I’m going, I’m sure it’s devine,
but I’m so doggone busy I might not find the time.

By Vickie Kayuk (take THAT TVKapherr!)