Poetry Wars–Downsizing and Aliens



Yes, Kayuk, as a matter of fact, I DO have something to say about Cardboard Boxes, Downsizing and aliens.


Cardboard boxes are like your nose.  It’s what’s inside that counts.  

Whether Florida, Minnesota,

California, South Dakota,

Texas; north or south of Maine,

Cardboard boxes look the same.


Downsizing is emotional surgery 

Children’s pages tossed.

7 years in Wisconsin

destined for landfill.


Aliens (in Indigo)

The Gospel of TV says

all aliens wear sunglasses

all of the time 

and they’re weird.

Unless you’re considering

North Florida to be

another planet….

I’m not an alien!!

And now for–as we say in North Florida—the ‘cut-the-grass!’

(or coup de grâce for people who can’t write right.)

I’ve lived in more places than you have!

North, south, east, west

I’ve lived in both 

the worst and best



No, I haven’t 

been to China


7 houses

5 apartments

just 2 fences

no enchantment

never boring


I have met my

iceberg quota.

I dare you to make a poem about all the places you’ve lived–and have it over 3 lines.  And make it interesting!