RANT: Windows 10 undoes it again.

Have I mentioned this week how much I despise Windows 10?

It’s supposed to repel ransome ware; that’s what the new IT people are saying.  I keep wondering how much of a kick-back the new IT people are getting for completely overhauling every computer in the administrative offices?

Windows 10 reminds me of a cartoon from Mad Magazine.  A guy gets a motorcycle, then he gets the kits available to make it “better.”  At the end, he’s looking at a motorcycle that resembles a 60’s cadillac and says, “I wish I had a motorcycle.”

You have to reboot every day, that’s how often there are “updates” to the computer.

  • WHAT IF I DON’T WANNA? If you ignore the little orange button at the bottom right that says,  “update needed,” the computer gets slower and slower until it’s crawling along at a speed that makes you want to just SCREAM.
  • WHEN “EASIER” MEANS “HARDER”? When I had Windows 7, the printer operated from the computer. It was easy to scan documents.  If the internet was down, no problem!  Now, with Windows 10, I’m forced to go to the HP website to scan a document, and you have to click on several places before it will start scanning.
  • LOST DOCUMENTS?  With Windows 7, I NEVER lost a document that I was saving. NEVER!

Today, I worked on a document for 4 hours, and saved every 15 minutes.  When I tried to close it down, I was asked “Do you want to save?” 

I pushed “SAVE” and it said the document couldn’t be saved.  I looked in the files for the last time it had been saved:  2 HOURS PRIOR!.  That’s two hours of work lost!

I tried to save it with a different name and in different files.  NOPE.  Finally, I was able to save it as a PDF file, but now I can’t change anything.  If a change is needed, I have to type the entire page over again, and save it.

Life was so much easier with Windows 7.  Why does Bill make us crazy with useless and unneeded versions of Windows?

I have a theory:  Don’t ask Bill Gates how to count.