A day in the life of my cat

Mom gave me hamburger today.  I wanted tuna.  

Humans are dumb!

When it was still dark and she was sleeping,

I meowed and meowed at mom. 

She petted me all over.

Why couldn’t she understand I wanted to be brushed!’

When the alarm sounded, she stopped petting me,

and went into the water torture chamber to rub her body with soap. 

She said she was preparing for work, then she walked out the door.

No one loves me.

Mom left just after I’d peed in the kitty litter. 

She knows how much I hate using a dirty litter box.

It’s undignified to be forced to look for a clean spot when I have to poop!  

How inconsiderate!

There was nothing left for me to do but lick my butt.

When Mom arrived home from work, she brushed me!

Life was good…until she held me in her lap.

Hasn’t she learned by now that I only want to sit on her lap during winter?

That’s when I need a warming pad.

Humans!  Why do cats put up with them.

Do I smell tuna? 

©Joelle (just another cat slave) LeGendre