Senseless Saturday Sarcasm : sick

Well…I finally did it:  Managed to get so sick the well parts of me are wondering if I’m ever going to recover.

I’ve been looking for the “well parts” of my body which, I believe, are my toes.  Then again, they’re the farthest away from my sinuses.

It’s easy for you to say, “It’s only sinusitis.”

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That’s the problem with being sick.  People will be ever so nice and say, “I hope you get better,” with a learned empathetic look. 

Then, they’ll say,”I have an appointment.  See ya,” and rush away before I can sneeze on them.

Translation:  “You dumb@$$! Why the H.E. Double hockey sticks did you stop me in the hall to say you’re sick? I don’t want that C#@p!  Get it the hell away from me!”

People who want to make the best of everything say this:

…and I say THIS right back at ’em:

Then there are the people who just don’t want to come up with another excuse for missing work:

I just “love” the people who make jokes about it:

What is my one wish in this particular moment of my life:

Sleep. Lots and lots of uninterrupted snoozing.

What am I going to get instead?

The last two days of this month, I have to get 5 annual reports out before November 30.

I feel like this:

Wish me luck.