Senseless Wednesday Sarcasm : D@#$%d Sinuses.

Just wanted you to know that I’m still alive.  After all, it’s only sinusitis.  

What has it done to my body since Friday?

  • At present, I have laryngitis.  I can, with more effort than I want to expend, say 2 words at a time without coughing.  

  • Energy level?  (see above meme)  

  • On my bed are 6 dogs, waiting for the 20 hours I’ll be asleep today.  They cuddle tightly to me and they’re soooo…warm.
  • Don’t ask me to do anything.  It won’t get done.  That is the only promise I’m capable of keeping.

I’ll write an entire post about going to the doctor on Tuesday and getting a note that says I can return to work on Friday. 


…In a couple of days…