7 years a blogger

WooHoo!  Seven years today, my friend Vickie pulled me into the blog-o-sphere.

Vickie is on the right. I’m next to the dog.

I protested, while kicking and screaming,  “I can’t do this!”

She reminded me that I was the one who needed a platform, so I should shut the hell up and write a post.

I didn’t know what a platform was, just that no agent was going to look at my book unless there were 400 people willing to read my swill.

As of this date, I have written almost 2,400 posts, have not looked for an agent, and often forget the reason Vickie put so much effort into helping me start a blog.

I have to admit when I’m wrong:  There are over 400 people in the world who appreciate my sarcasm, rants, and this occasional poet’s attempt at being poetic.  Even my son, the real poet in the family, says some of my stuff is good.

That is a compliment.

Thanks for sticking around and keeping me company.