Hurricane Dorian August 2019 - Imgflip

As we wonder how many islands in the Bahamas are left, we’re reminded that nature has no concept of Karma. 

It does what it’s going to do no matter how badly we want it to stop.

Waiting for Dorian to move is like having a news bulletin about a serial killer stalking your town, but you don’t know which house he’s going to enter.  As long as Dorian is hovering nearby, it’s doubtful that anyone in South Florida is getting much sleep.

Although I now live in North Florida, I sympathize with their plight. I lived in South Florida as a child and still remember watching the roof of our house bounce.  We could see light flicker between the cracks as it was pushed up and down. 

Winds howled, the metal shutters rang with the sounds of objects being hurled at them, water was pushed through the edges of our doors, while the wind acted as a battering ram.

It doesn’t matter how strong the door is when it’s held in place only by the bolts attached to them. 

We were fortunate to live in a solidly built home.  Once the hurricane passed, we fell into bed exhausted, wet, and thankful the roof didn’t blow off. 

That was Hurricane Donna, with gusts up to 178 MPH, which affected not just Florida but several states.

In a nutshell:

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That about covers it.