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Tell me a Tale in 120 Words


The obscenity of hypocrisy

Awaiting love

Showing faith through life



The August 3  prompt was:   A little about your beliefs, faith, lack thereof, or why you don’t want to talk about it (please, no attacks on other’s beliefs).

Please visit the blogs of brave people who boldly stepped forward…



I was brought up in a pretty strict Catholic household. Every Sunday at 6.30am my mother would rouse us from our beds, and we’d be getting ready for the 7am Mass.

I attended Catholic schools, and in my world, at that time the priests were God’s representatives, and we dare not ever question them.

It wasn’t until after school that I began to read about the church and the goings on within it.

I came to realise that religion was a means of controlling people. The Church’s attitude to women is shamefully  disgraceful and the obscenity of child sexual abuse has deeply troubled my sense of belief, especially so when a priest I was friends with was convicted of abuse.



I am incapable of Hate, though I can dislike someone quite strongly.
Does that make me a good person? Maybe. Maybe not.
Do I believe in Heaven and Hell?
Perhaps. One Man’s Heaven could be another’s living Hell.
My Afterlife Dream is a place free of pain and worry, where I will meet up with my departed loved ones, both human and animal alike.
My Dream is of a force so powerful, it is far reaching and beyond compare. It cannot be measured or contained, being an undying but formless energy that is everlasting. I do not know what lies behind Death’s Door, but when my time comes, I am comfortable with my belief in the Love that awaits me.



Some of my beliefs

I was brought up a Catholic
Going to church and all the trick
Confess my sins and not critic
I grew up, I thought it’s toxic
Some of its beliefs I don’t get
Made up my mind and no regret

I love Him Indoors and the son
Concentrate on them and have fun
With rain, wind, snow and the sun
They’re the best presents I have won
I love my mother and siblings
When we’re all together we all sing

I believe in being a friend
Meet and shopping at the weekend
I want someone with no pretend
Loyalty and I can defend
We can laugh and cry together
Walk the hill or swim in azure*


when next month’s TMAT120 begins.