Thursday photo #prompt – Sight #writephoto

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Sight is a matter of perspective, in more ways than one.

I walked into the office today, stared at my door, reached into a purse that was meant to be a gym bag, and nimbly searched for my wallet. I opened the side zipper, felt for the key, and fished it out. That’s when I felt someone’s eyes on me. I looked to my right to find the lady in the office next to mine standing in front of her door…staring.

Giggling out my embarrassment, I said, “Some days I see better when I’m not using my eyes.”

She knows me well.  I can lose something that’s sitting on my desk staring at me.  She’ll come into my office, spot it right away, and say nothing about the ineptitude of my eyesight.   She’s very accommodating in many ways:  Not too many people will endure a person who is so light sensitive that “normal lighting” means working in cave-like conditions.

I found humor in the picture for this photo prompt. What do you see first? The rocks or the forest? Or maybe it’s a meadow and mountains? When your sight isn’t like everyone else’s, your perceptions gravitate toward the things others don’t see.

What did I see?  

A place I might find respite from the sunlight. 


© Joelle LeGendre