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Sally offers information on nutrition, she reblogs authors a lot, and offers a variety of posts about personal experiences that are always interesting.

A few of my 4-footed companions are the first to be showcased on her new offering: Furry (and feathery) Friends of the Week

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Welcome to Dog (cats, parrots or spouses) of the Week. An opportunity for the pets of authors, bloggers and artists to promote their owners as well as enjoy a few minutes in the limelight (rightly deserved according to many of them!)

For those of you that are managed by some form of fur or feathered family, please send their photos and your links to I have had a number of entries and the weekly slots are filling up fast… get your muse to me….

Meet Fat White Dog, Coon cat and Other Brother Coon Cat.

Fat White Dog loves to steal Joelle’s Pillow and enjoy an afternoon nap.
my pillow,jpgCoon Cat is into purses


Other Brother Coon Cat demands more than equal desk space.

OBCC takes over desk

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