An Eye For An Eye

144Please read Struggle To Understand as a precursor to this rant, because the comment is what triggered this response. The specific comment indicated that it is a ‘Sad reality’ that our society is so screwed up as to produce people who, without thought, or even malice, deliberately and casually kill babies; and that it happens in spite of our ‘vigilance’.

Well, I disagree. It doesn’t happen in spite of our vigilance, it happens because of our apathy.

I think therein lies the problem….the social system is overstressed because too many babies are being born to children. Children who didn’t get the proper upbringing themselves. And a bandaid is applied after the fact, then the perpetrator becomes the underdog and ends up being treated as the victim. However, by the time the crime is committed the psyche of the perpetrator has been established and it is almost impossible to correct this. We now have a sociopath walking around among us in people clothing, but it is not human, it is a sociopath.

Once a sociopathic personality is established, is it better to impose the death penalty rather than take the chance of eventual freedom for the one, which will likely result in death for many more? Not to mention dragging the rest of society down with the expense of support for a possible 80 years or more using incredibly limited resources that could be better spent almost any other way? And before you start accusing me of being heartless, read the rest of this rant. I am not against helping, retraining, whatever it takes to bring someone back into society, but I truly believe that this is not possible with a sociopath. And the danger to the rest of society, to people who really are innocent, is too great to keep them alive. Funding is not unlimited. Put it into soup kitchens and homes for abused women and children—in other words, prevent this from happening to someone else—rather than spending the money feeding, clothing, housing and entertaining one who is already lost.

Another thing, what has caused the personality of this individual to develop in such a way? We don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in studies to figure this out, just look at the background of each individual who shows these developmental problems and make a logical deduction. WHO was responsible for this child’s development? Should the irresponsible parents who formed this personality through neglect, lack of discipline, and/or mistreatment also be punished by death so that no future psychopaths from that circumstance are created?

Who is responsible for the actions of under-aged children? Someone must be responsible for their actions. A parent can not bear a child and turn him/her loose on society without taking responsibility for the child’s actions, including destruction of personal property and/or the taking of a life. Should parents be completely responsible for the actions of their children up until they are legally adults? Or do we continue to ignore the main cause of the warping of young personalities and continue to heap putrid and rotting piles of worthless pity on them while continuing to look the other way as we throw free housing, food stamps and unemployment over our shoulders?

And, although the greatest majority come from under-aged unwed mothers living with older family members or in prostitution or drug houses, what about the few that come from privileged families and feel that they are entitled and above the law? Are they any less responsible because they are wealthy?

Should the same rules apply to all: IF you kill someone you WILL suffer the same fate once proven guilty REGARDLESS of religion, color, background, place of birth, or legal arguments by expensive lawyers? And IF your child kills someone before they reach the age of legal adult, you WILL be held responsible. After all, are you not responsible for their birth, well being, and training until that time? And are those under your care not responsible for taking the life of another? Where were you when the crime was committed? How long has it been since you knew where your child was and what he/she was doing? Why didn’t you know there was a problem?

Parents are ultimately responsible for teaching their children the difference between right and wrong; what is acceptable behavior in society and what is not. One simple rule is all it takes: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you want me to shoot you? Do you want me to steal from you? Do you want me to beat you or rape you or trash your house? Then why do you do it to me?

Why is it that NO ONE is held responsible when these things happen? Why must the innocent be the ones to suffer while the guilty get off on technicalities? And why are parents not held responsible for their children?