I don’t feel like doing it!

I’m supposed to clean the dirt off my fans every week because this is Florida, it’s humid, and dirt sticks to their blades like tar.   I don’t feel like doing it.

Housework isn’t going to do itself.  So?  I live in the middle of the country.  Who’s gonna notice, the dogs?  They don’t care, either?

Oh, look, another meme:

How did they find out about my secret?

No, I’m not that far gone.  My tin-foil hats don’t look that crumpled.

Seriously, I really, really don’t feel like doing anything at this moment.  I spent 6 hours sitting in a chair while typing reports and I’m exhausted.

But it’s too early to sleep.  I’ll wake up at 10:00pm, be up until 2:00am, and then get to sleep again around 5:00 — 2 hours before the alarm goes off.

Now that the other half of Two On A Rant started posting again, maybe I can take a few days off to deeply contemplate cleaning all my dirty window fans.

Hear that, Kayuk?



She writes much better, and I freely admit that I wouldn’t win against her in a writing contest.

It seems so unfair that I’m the one writing all the books.  She’s the one with talent, but she’s stuck in a grocery store standing for 8 hours a day wearing a mask every minute while taking abuse from customers and management.

Hmmm… maybe she has a good reason for being AWOL from our blog for the past 5 years.

I’ll shut up now.