Monthly Archive: January, 2015

More WWII Cartoons


This one was 1 page folded in half inside a plastic photo protector, so I copied the front and back. As I mentioned in the last post, these clippings are over 70 years… Continue reading

Dreamversations (i.e., typing at myself again)


All right. I have the lights off and I’m trying to think things through again. Don’t hurt yourself trying to think. That was cruel. No.  Really (as you would say). Remember when you… Continue reading

Fishy Haiku


Friday swims along. The cat patient for his prey throws it to Monday.

A little WWII humor


My mom took a lot of pictures, saved a lot of pictures, and clipped cartoons during WWII (1940’s).   Here are 2 I thought you might enjoy: The images were scanned while in… Continue reading

Feline Peace Haiku

by has the best cat pictures. I fell in love with this one and the poem was THERE! Hope you like Tom’s pictures and the poems I write for them.

Cleaning up your writing


Originally posted on nudge. wink. report.:
))))****SPECIAL REPORT****(((( (And it only took 2 months to write it) All right, I admit it.  I started this post on December 2 and didn’t touch it…



  Pleasure comes of touch warm with loving intention sharing a moment.

A little light reading


If you’re stuck in a blizzard, or winter is getting you down… If you want to read about people with less common sense than Earthers… If you’d like to get lost in the… Continue reading



 I usually don’t look at what’s freshly pressed on WordPress.  When I do, I’m usually disappointed. Today was no exception. I managed to get through one post about feminism and I recognized several… Continue reading

The ultimate cat walk


Walk the ramp of life  regal with elegant style, impressing the dog.