Dreamversations (i.e., typing at myself again)


All right. I have the lights off and I’m trying to think things through again.

Don’t hurt yourself trying to think.

That was cruel.

No.  Really (as you would say). Remember when you were told that you over-effort all your tasks?

I was scared s#*%!@$$.    I was taking an IQ test and afraid I wouldn’t pass it.

My point exactly.

I keep having dreams about being lost, or worse.  The last one I remember was being with my mother.  We were trying to escape and it ended with my mother backing the car into a forest to hide.

What do you think it means?

If I knew, would I be sitting in the dark typing furiously while trying to ask for help?

Stop running.  Nothing in your dream is going to hurt you.

But why am I missing the train, or getting lost, or running from evil people, or backing into forests with my mother driving the car?  I read my tarot cards. 

You used to be quite good at it.

All the cards in the spread were great except the present situation and the last card.  I’m not fond of the 9 and 10 of swords.

Practice more if you want your intuition to use them as a tool for guidance.

Why does everything seem to be after me in my dreams?

Remember the dreams several years ago when you were being chased by dinosaurs?

I finally turned and asked why it was chasing me.  It said it wanted a hug.  Thankfully, the dream was over before those arms could wrap around me.

You’re running away from love.  Every time you allow it in your life you’re almost always hurt in ways that you find hard to describe.

The loves of my life either betray me, hurt me, or shut me out.  My 4 footed companions die, leaving a hole in my heart so deep I feel as if I’m trapped inside it.

So you run from love, run from life, hide in your books and try to make it through each day?

Something like that.

Your books bring you back into life.  The distance you feel from others is the barrier created by your own fears.

So then, what do you think is the answer to my question?

Go back to sleep.  Talk to the people you’re running from.  Remember, they can’t hurt you.  I’ll be there with you and besides, it’s a dream.  All you need is the knowledge that your answer will come once you confront your fears.

That, as my mother would say, is easier said than done.

You’ve done it before, and that was with a dinosaur.  How much worse can it be to confront a person?

I see your point.  I just hope it doesn’t turn around and impale me.

You can type at me about it tomorrow.