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Don’t remember when this particular betrayal occurred. Possibly the day I compared a “new-and-improved” name-brand plastic bag against an older, thicker one that I’d washed and used many times. The facts were undeniable.… Continue reading

Thanks for the reply, WordPress


Follow-up to “New and Improved” sucks.  https://rantingalong.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/new-and-improved-sucks/ I received a quick response from WordPress and have hope that the lack of contrast between the lettering and background on the new color scheme will be… Continue reading

New (useless) and Improved (cheap)


As I sip on a nutritional supplement at 1am,  I contemplate the ways in which companies are trying to save money.   I used to buy Scott Towels in a 10 pack.  They… Continue reading