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Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Laryngitis edition (Doggone it!)


“What did you say?” “What?” “Can you repeat that?” It’s the curse those of us who seem to get laryngitis every year are plagued with. The knot in your throat feels like a… Continue reading

Laryn-friggin’-gitis (again)


Yes, I had a mild cold.  Ho hum. Yes, I’m over it.  Wheeeee! No, it didn’t leave without a fight. I have laryngitis. (can you hear me now?) It started out with a… Continue reading



I’m sooooooo tired.  How tired am I?  Here’s my really lame poem for the day: Think kind, blank mind. Think rose, rank toes. Can’t  think, Can’t drink. Don’t care if my feet stink.… Continue reading