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Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Spoiled


It’s been raining ALL the D@%*#d day.  Temps are dropping.  OMG! It’s 48F out there!  Where the hell is my snowsuit!!! Found it: Well…technically, that’s my son’s snowsuit when he was 10, and… Continue reading

Senseless Sunny-day Sarcasm: Florida Footwear


Hey, y’all. Floridaborne here with another lesson on how to look like a Floridian. You need to know is how to choose your footwear wisely.  We Floridians love a good joke; that’s why… Continue reading

The Floridian way


My friend, Linda sent me this picture of her son’s back yard.  He moved up north from Florida…and I don’t mean Georgia.  Georgia is simply “up north.”  Connecticut is “Way, way up north”… Continue reading