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Senseless insomnia sarcasm


  It’s 5:00am in the @$%^&*()->! morning. That’s what I get for thinking that an expensive brand of “sleep tea” was any better than the cheap stuff. Yes, I was asleep at 10pm.… Continue reading

Senseless Sarcasm : Drivers


During the time I was learning to drive in South Florida, the road in front of our house looked like this:    We lived on an 8 lane highway.  Not that we wanted… Continue reading

Things about human nature that mystify me. Zoning, mail, and left lane drivers.


(This was originally posted in October 2012,  a month after I started blogging.  I added a few pictures and a couple of videos just for fun). <_><_><_><_><_><_> I’ll start with Zoning, since that’s… Continue reading