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#tanka : Punctuated Change


Social media, and many of the blogs I’ve read since the US election, express sentiments that range from terror to the desire for revolution — not from the “right” of our political bell curve,… Continue reading

Changing Conversation


For readers who haven’t stumbled on one of my conversations before, you’ll find that I don’t seek a therapist to talk with, I turn out the lights and let my fingers to the… Continue reading

#WQWWC #Writers Quote Wednesday #Writing Challenge – “Change”


  <_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_><_> Seven 27, 2341!   What a day glorious!  My birthday 20, visit I ancestor. Into dream stream travel I;  time, space, trivias of life matter longer no. Machines?  No!  The Shaman uncle my head… Continue reading