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Weird things one thinks about at 5:00 in the morning.


Went to sleep last night at 9:00pm.  Awoke at 5:00am to the sound of a dog panting.    Rottie Mutt had plunked down in front of the fan and was blocking Errrrr Dog’s… Continue reading

Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : The secret to human compliance


Hello, this is the Tom Catty show, brought to you by Ed’s Famous Feline Catnip Concoction. One sip and you’ll forget your human is dumber than a dog.  . Today’s special guest is… Continue reading

Senseless Sunday Sarcasm : Common Sense Series


Coon Cat:  Hey! Brother! Other Brother Coon Cat:  Go away!  I’m trying to sleep. CC:  Do you know what makes me see red? OBCC:   You’re a cat and that’s how our eyeballs work?… Continue reading