Meat puppet syndrome

Box of my stuff: 10 meetings

How often do you ask, “Why am I here?”

I mean…really,  why are any of us here? 

God/nature/creator/universe (pick one) ensures that every meat puppet dies in the end.

Life is like my recent experience with the IRS.  The amount I had to pay them was almost one month’s salary — and the exact amount of my bonus and raise for 2022.

Mom called this, “Getting nowhere fast.”

If “getting nowhere” is the goal, I’m an overachiever.  

Remember, there was once a great library of Alexandria and it burned down.  We lost more knowledge in that fire than we have regained. If cell phones are the pinnacle of our existence, the “Great Maker” has a wicked sense of humor.

We run toward fame, forture, and success…cellphone in hand.  What do we find?  Burnout and old age waits for us to hobble over the finish.

Sometimes you just feel like it's a never ending day. | Funny grumpy ...Gandhi said, “Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.” 

So then…

Picking your nose is important?   (If fleas and mosquitoes are important, what’s in your nose has to be important, too.) 

Walking to the table to eat a pile of food that could have kept 3 other people from starving is important?

Running over a squirrel in the road while rushing to work is important?  The squirrel certainly didn’t think so.

Red Pill - Imgflip

There are days I wished I hadn’t taken the red pill, or the blue pill, or a variety of white ones. 

What did I get for it?  Verbal diarrhea, an addiction to writing, and a bad case of stomach cramps.

I just finished reading over one of my book drafts. 

The fun part?  Writing. 

Not-so-fun?  Continually asking myself, “I don’t understand what I was trying to say.  What the hell was I thinking?” 

It’s just another of life’s horrid 1st world lessons.  As an example, we think we looked so fine at a party, and people were holding onto every word we said. 

Then, a few months later, someone posts a video of it on social media.  We slink down in our chair at our dissheveled bodies, and wonder why we didn’t notice people laughing at us when they walked away.

This meat puppet has a lot of work ahead of her to create a book everyone else wants to read. 

As an aside:  It took a while to finish this post.  I’m in the midst of a SPAM ATTACK and have been sending the emails from different countries into my spam folder.  One of them was from Walmart that said I tried to buy 2 tires.   They wanted a newer credit card number.

That brings new meaning to the phrase, “I’m too tired for this.”